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Monday, October 4, 2010

I look like a Mommy! Grrrrr......

Samuel really brings lots of love into my life.  He is my most high-strung child, always moving, going, running, never sitting still.  This does get him into trouble quite a bit from time to time, especially at school, where he is in an Early Five's program.  We call this our "practice" year before Kindergarten.  We are hoping that he matures a bit, but mostly that he learns how to act in a school setting.  As a stay-at-home child, he had Mommy's rules.  School has been a challenge...lots of new rules to learn!

One morning as we were driving into the school driveway, he noticed a Mommy walking her daughter to the door.  He looked at me and said, "Why is her sister walking her into school?"  I had to laugh!  Here was a very young mother, with long blond hair tucked into a pony-tail and sporting cute shorts.  To Samuel, pony-tails and short shorts are things that belong to his teenage sisters, not to his Mommy.  I tried to explain that the nice young lady was really the little girl's Mommy.  He just looked perplexed!

I am 36 with a son in Early Five's.  I have an eighth grader and a sixth grader.  When my twins start Kindergarten, I will be 39!  I am getting further and further away from the young mom look!  And that is fine with me.  That young mom at 23 didn't know half of what I know now. 

With age comes wisdom...so what if I don't have a pony-tail anymore!

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